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Fully gamified task manager and more for logistic needs

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create tasks

Task planning 

Create tasks with or without cargo, change driver, pick up or drop off trailer, reload cargo between two vehicles and many others, depending on your needs.


smart cargo distribution 

Choose locations and mark the cargos to be moved and the system will recommend the most efficient vehicles from your fleet.

advanced vehicle search

Smart vehicle search provides vehicle list information on selected date, time and radius.

3D visualization

View 3D models of trailer, vehicle, warehouse, and container to move the cargo using a video game interface. Load-plan results are displayed using real-time 3D visualization. Cargo items can be easily moved or rotated if needed. Maintenance information of vehicles can also be attached on 3D vehicle model.


Geofencing, or region monitoring can help your business strengthen security, asset utilization and productivity. 

Create geofences with custom, virtual perimeters around meaningful geographic areas to see job site visits, duration and frequency. Use suggested geofences to help you decide if you want drivers to avoid certain areas.

3D warehouse

Create warehouse and watch all activities around warehouse in 3D visualisation, such as racks & spaces where cargo is located. Manager is able to monitor all related tasks, such as loading or unloading vehicles 


Create points and watch all activities, such as existing cargos or loading and unloading vehicles. User can schedule points when cargo arrives after what time cargos disappear.


Communications possible through chat

create vehicle

Create vehicle for better planning choosing right 3D model. Set up vehicle cargo capacity, speed limit, acceleration limit etc.

fuel history

User is able to monitor all fuel activities such as refuelings, the estimated amount of fuel in vehicle, and prior load and incline conditions to observe fuel efficiency. And while you can't control the costs of purchasing fuel, you can reduce the impact of fuel costs on your fleet by monitoring for high-consumption vehicles and spotting outliers (and possible fuel theft) within your fleet. Fuel Management and Fuel Card Integration abilities.

overloading vehicle 

Axle loads

Easily plan arrangement of loads without overloading vehicle and trailer axles.

service & maintenance reminders

Share responsibility across team members and achieve your ideal fleet maintenance workflow. Track and manage every aspect of your fleet’s maintenance from reminders to reporting and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Maintenance information of vehicles can also be attached on 3D vehicle model.

vehicle issue

Manager notified by driver through driver app regarding issues such as a flat tire, delays, police stop, etc.

view tasks

Manager is able to view each vehicle task and milestone. Tasks shown in range the amount of time on the road, refueling, loading etc. Managers and drivers are able to make comments around tasks.

route history 

Manager can observe route and driving performance of drivers.


Manager is able to use fast forward and watch how vehicle will move in the future on upfront planned tasks. Simulation of the future allows manager to more effectively plan vehicle trajectory

vehicle inspection 

Relieve drivers from the burden of paper inspection forms and improve inspection quality, all from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Unlike paper, electronic inspection reports are accessible any time, anywhere with STYX, even in areas without internet connection. 


By creating trailers, manager is able to pick up or drop off the trailer by truck. Load and unload cargo and rotate or arrange it inside in this 3D visual.

create admins and employs

By creating admins, drivers, couriers and warehouse loaders. Manager is able to attach vehicle, jobs, and many other tasks on them. Set working time, salary, financial or non financial reminders. This module has similar features to vehicle

cargo & container

Manager creates cargos and containers. Manager is able to put the cargo into the container. Once a cargo is created, a template will be saved for future access in template history. Managers also have the option to use excel files to create new cargo.


All costs and revenues could be seen in finance module. Warehouse, vehicles maintenance, salaries, etc.


Manager can monitor various statistics (ie, warehouse cargo flow, vehicle maintenance, fuel, etc)


If manager has a difficulty to move cargo with his resources, this platform gives our clients opportunity to put order on the market-place and wait for other managers' bids.

app for staff

Driver and loader app.

create your package

User is able to create own package for his business needs. There is an opportunity to start with a free package. Set up a package to avoid overpayment.

what we are trying to create

All the companies who have fully or partially ground logistic needs are potential clients.

Needs only people monitoring and managing tasks in the city its for you, also vehicles, warehouses, locations,

Gamification in logistics